– General terms and conditions

1. is a web space allowing you to arrange a contact between client and an individual or company who provides services for their set prices.

2. does not have any effect on set prices of their members. does not carry out the offered services therefore does not bear any responsibility for the execution of services as such. only provides the arrangement of services between clients, individuals or companies through the shared information on its website.

3. is a social network allowing you to exchange contacts between its members and general public primarily in order to execute services.

4. Registration is voluntary and free of charge.

5. A registered user has limited access to certain functions of website.

6. Website membership is a paid service. The payment is made by card to by debiting Marian Tisoň’s account who is the owner of website as well as the paypal account holder. Being a member of offers many advantages of the website usage as well as all offered functions of this website. A gained paid membership works only for a specific webpage in the particular country.

7. Any shared information through this website is knowingly published by every user and they are responsible for its contents.

8. is owned by a sole trader Marian Tisoň, who runs his business under trade licence number IČO: 68700865, Czech Republic, Central Europe.

9 is a very secure website, but does not take any responsibility for any possible break through or even loss of private data in case of a severe cyber attack. In case of any break through activity, failure of information technology, hardware or software, would do their best to resolve it as soon as possible. IT security Team thanks you in advance for understanding.

Please note that the above mentioned does not refer to all the payments as these are made through which is an international and secure type of payment authority.

10. In the same way as gossips can be spread widely on public display, your shared information is irresistibly spread through the internet at all times. Therefore, please think wisely before you share any type of information with anyone and placing it on the internet. This is not just related to website but in general. Our main focus is to protect all users’ information, but it is your responsibility what sort of information you share and who you share it with. More than ever the basic principle of “trust, but verify” is very important. Thank you.

11. If you have any questions, please send them to

12. Thank you for using our website and we believe that you will find this new social network interesting and helpful at the same time, not just for users, clients, but public in general.


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